Fried Oysters (1)

Make a batter as for pancakes, seasoned with grated nutmeg, white pepper, and salt, and add some finely grated bread crumbs; dip in the oysters, and fly them of a light brown in beef dripping.

Another way is, to dip them into the white of an egg beat up, and roll them in finely grated bread crumbs, seasoned with grated nutmeg, pepper and salt, and fry them as directed.

Fried Oysters (2)

The largest and finest oysters are to be chosen for this purpose; simmer them in their own liquor for a couple of minutes, take them out and lay them on a cloth to drain, beard them and then flour them, egg and bread-crumb them, put them into boiling fat, and fry them a delicate brown. Observations: An elegant garnish for made dishes, stewed rump-steaks, boiled or fried fish, &c; but they are too hard and dry to be eaten.

Fried Oysters (3)

For frying, choose the largest and finest oysters. Beat some yolks of eggs, and mix with them grated bread, and a small quantity of beater nutmeg and mace, and a little salt. Having stirred this batter well, dip your oysters into it, and fry them in lard, till they are of a light brown color. Take care not to do them too much. Serve them up hot. For grated bread, some substitute crackers pounded to a powder, and mixed with yolk of egg and spice.