Gravies, Essence Of Ham For

Pick off all the bits of meat from a ham-bone, pound them, break the bone, and put all into a saucepan, together with nearly half a pint of water, and a bunch of sweet herbs; simmer gently for sometime, stirring it occasionally; then add a pint of good beef gravy, and some pepper, and continue to simmer it till it be well flavored with the herbs; strain, and keep it for improving rich gravies and sauces of all descriptions.

Gravy For Boiled Meat

May be made with parings and trimmings; or pour from a quarter to half a pint of the liquor in which the meat was boiled, into the dish with it, and pierce the inferior part of the joint with a sharp skewer.

Gravy Made From Bones

Break into small pieces a pound of beef, mutton, or veal bones, if mixed together so much the better; boil them in two quarts of water, and after it boils, let it simmer for nearly three hours: boil with it a couple of onions, a bunch of sweet herbs, some salt and pepper; strain, and keep it for making gravy or sauces. The bones of broiled and coasted meat being scraped, washed clean, and boiled in less water, answer equally well for this purpose.

Gravy Or Rich Cullis

Cut into slices some lean beef, veal, and mutton, cover the bottom of the saucepan with the veal, then put in a few slices of salt pork, next a layer of beef, add a few onions sliced, and the red part of one or two-carrots, a little mace, two or three cloves, some whole pepper, and two or three bay-leaves, above that the mutton; cover the pan closely, set it on a slow fire, and when the meat is a fine brown, mix quite smooth a small quantity of flour in water, stir it in, and then add as much boiling water as will cover the meat well, and a little salt; cover the pan closely, and let it stew an hour and a half; strain, and keep it for use; it will continue good for eight or ten days.

Gravy Drawn

Put a few pounds of gravy-beef sliced, and a little whole pepper, into a jar with a cover to fit closely; set the jar into a pot of cold water, and when it boils, add as it wastes more hot water, and keep it boiling gently for six or seven hours, when the richest gravy imaginable nil! be obtained. It may be used in that state, or reduced with water.

How To Make A Pint Of Rich Gravy

Brown a quarter of a pound of butter, dredging in two table-spoonfuls of flour, and stirring it constantly; add a pound of gravy-beef cut into small bits, and two or three onions chopped. When it becomes brown, add some whole pepper, one carrot, a bunch of sweet herbs, and three pints of water; let it boil gently till reduced to one, then strain it. This gravy may be served with roasted turkey or fowl.

How To Clarify Gravy

Clarify gravy, drawn from beef or veal, with the beaten whites of eggs, allowing one white to a quart. Gravies and soups which are to be clarified should be made very strong, and be highly seasoned.