Honey is nourishing and wholesome, particularly for persons with coughs, weak lungs, and short breath. It is balsamic, cleansing, and makes the body soluble.

Great care should be taken to get it fresh and pure; it is apt to turn sour by long keeping.

How To Clarify Honey

Mefou-que's method. Take six pounds of honey, a pound and three-quarters of water, two ounces and a quarter of pounded chalk, five ounces of coal, (pulverised, washed, and well dried), the whites of three eggs beaten in three ounces of water, for each pound of honey.

Put the honey, water, chalk, and eggs, into a copper vessel, capable of holding about one-third more than the above quantities; let them boil for two minutes, throw in the coal, mixing it with a spoon, and continue the boiling two minutes longer; then take the saucepan from the fire, and let it stand nearly a quarter of an hour, that the liquor may cool; then take a new sieve (which must be well washed, or it will impart a disagreeable taste), pass the honey through it, taking care to filter the first drops twice, as they generally carry with them some portion of the coal.

The sirup which still adheres to the coal, and other materials, may be separated as follows: pour boiling water on them until they no longer retain any sweetness; then put these different waters together, set them over a large fire to evaporate, till the sirup only remains. This sirup contracts the flavor of barley sugar, and must not be added to the clarified honey.