How To Serve (1) Macaroni

Simmer it in a little stock, with pounded mace and salt. When quite tender, take it out of the liquor, lay it in a dish, grate over it a good deal of cheese, then over that put bread grated very fine. Warm some butter without oiling, and pour it from a boat through a little earthen cullender all over the crums, then put the dish in a Dutch oven to roast the cheese, and brown the bread of a fine color. The bread should be in separate crums, and look light.

How To Serve (2) Macaroni

Wash it well, and simmer it in half milk, and half of veal or mutton stock, till the macaroni is lender; then take a spoonful of the liquor, put to it the yolk of an egg, beaten in a spoonful of cream; just make it hot to thicken, but do not let it boil; pour it over the macaroni, and then grate fine old cheese all over it, and add bits of butter; brown it nicely with the salamander.