Liquorice Cakes

Take hyssop and red rose water, of each half a pint, half a pound of green liquorice, the outside scraped off, and then beat with a pestle; put to it half a pound of aniseeds, and steep it all night in the water; boil it with a gentle fire till the taste is well out of the liquorice; strain it, put to it three pounds of liquorice powder, and set it on a gentle fire till it is come to the thickness of cream; take it off, and put to it half a pound of white sugar candy seeted very fine; beat this well together for at least three hours, and never suffer it to stand still; as you beat it, you must strew in double-refined sugar finely seered, at least three pounds; half an hour before it is finished, put in half a spoonful of gum dragon, steeped in orange-flower water: when it is very white then it is beat enough; roll it up with white sugar; and if you want it perfumed, put in a pastil or two.

Liquorice Paste

Scrape and bruise a quarter of a pound of liquorice-root, and boil it in a little water till it is much reduced; let it stand to settle, and pour it clear off, and dissolve in it half an ounce of gum-dragon: when thoroughly dissolved, sift it in a linen bag, and mix sugar with it till it is brought to the consistence of a paste; then cut it into what flowers or designs you think proper.