Macaroni Soup (1)

Boil for three hours very quickly, in five quails of water, seven pounds of veal, a little salt, a dessertspoonful of white pepper, and three or four blades of mace; strain it oft', put it into a saucepan, and keep it hot upon a stove. Mix five table-spoonfuls of flour with two ounces of butter, put it into an iron-tinned saucepan, and stir it over the fire till it be melted; add half a pint of the strained stock, and then gradually- mix the whole together, and keep stirring constantly till it thickens, and then add two ounces and a half of macaroni, previously boiled in milk and water for eight minutes; stir it again till it boil


Take the pan off the stove, and stir in by degrees about three-quarters of a pint of rich sweet cream, and just let it boil before serving.

Macaroni Soup (2)

Make a good stock with a knuckle of veal, a little sweet marjoram, paisley, some salt, white pepper, three blades of mace, and two or three onions; strain and boil it. Break in small bits a quarter of a pound of macaroni, and gently simmer it in milk and water till it be swelled and is tender; strain it, and add it to the soup, which thicken with two table-spoonfuls of flour, mixed in half a pint of cream, and stirred gradually into the soup. Boil it a few minutes before serving.