Take nine ounces of powder-sugar, eight of flour, the yolks of four and six whole eggs, two spoonfuls of brandy, and a grain of salt; put these into a saucepan, stirring continually, until the paste thickens; after which, stir only one minute; clarify ten ounces of good fresh butter, with which, butter about two and thirty madelaine moulds, pour the remainder of the butter into your preparation; set it on a gentle stove, stir till it begins to become liquid, take it off before it has time to get too hot, put a little of this into each mould, and bake them in a moderate oven.

Madelaines In Surprise

Make them in the usual way; when cold, cut a thin slice from the bottom, take out nearly all the inside; pound four ounces of blanched filberts, mix them with eight spoonfuls of apricot marmalade, which mixture put into the madelaines, and place the slice taken from the bottom, and serve them.