Milk Punch (1)

Beat up two eggs well, mix them in a quart of milk, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon-peel to your taste; boil it gently, stirring it all the time till thick enough; take it off the (ire a very few minutes, then add to it a full quarter of a pint of ruin. It must be stirred all the time the rum is pouring in, or it will lot be good

Milk Punch (2)

Eight pounds of re fined sugar are to be dissolved in the strained juice of three dozen lemons, and. when quite settled, two gallons of brandy, and two gallons and a half of cold water, are to be added, and also the lemon-peel; one gallon of boiling milk, being then poured over the ingredients, they are to stand closely covered for twenty-four hours; when, being skimmed and run through a very thick jelly-bag, it may be quickly bottled, and will be fit for immediate use; but it improves by keeping.