Seven pounds of flour, sifted. Half a pound of butter. Half a pound of lard.

Two pounds and a half of white Havanna sugar.

Having sifted the flour, spread the sugar on the paste-board, a little at a time, and crush it to powder by rolling it with the rolling-pin. Then mix it with the flour. Cut up in the flour the butler and the lard, and mix it well by rubbing it in with your hands. Add by degrees enough of cold water to make a stiff dough. Then knead the dough very hard, till it no longer sticks to your hands. Cover it, set it away for an hour or two, and then knead it again in the same manner. You may repeat the kneading several limes. Then cut it into pieces, roll out each piece into a sheet half an inch thick. Cut it into large flat cakes with a tin cutter. You may stamp each cake with a 'wooden print, by way of ornamenting the surface.

Sprinkle with flour some large flat tin or iron pans, lay the cakes in them and bake them of a pale brown, in an oven of equal heat throughout.

These cakes require more and harder kneading than any others, therefore it is best to have them kneaded by a man, or a very strong woman.

They are greatly improved by the addition of some carraway seeds worked into the dough.