Put into a pan, two ounces of sifted flour, four of powder-sugar, the same of bitter macaroons, and a spoonful of dried orange-flowers; break up all these articles, and mix with them the yolks often eggs, four large glasses of double cream, and a pinch of salt. Wash the bottom of a frying-pan lightly with some warm clarified butter, then put in it a spoonful of the above preparation, spread it over the pan, to make the paste as thin as possible; when the pan-nequei becomes lightly colored, turn it over carefully, and do the other side; then put it on a tin plate, spread a little apricot marmalade over, and having strewed crushed macaroons on that, roll up the pannequet till about an inch in diameter; in the meantime put a second spoonful of your preparation into the pan, and proceed in the above manner, garnishing one pannequet whilst another is cooking; taking care, however, to set the pan over a gentle fire. When all are done, cut the pannequets three inches in length, glaze, and dish them.