Pine Apple Chips

Pare and trim a pine-apple, divide, and slice each half into pieces a quarter of an inch thick; lake half the weight of the fruit in powder-sugar: lay the slices in a basin, with sugar strewed between; let it stand till the sugar be dissolved, then set it on a moderate fire to simmer till the chips be quite clear, when set it by. The next day remove all the sirup from the slices, place them on glasses, and dry them in a gentle oven.

Pine Apple In A Compote

Turn oft' the rind of a pine, cut it in slices, but not too thin; have some sugar on the fire in a sugar-pan, into which put the slices of pine, and let them boil gently till the sirup is tolerably thick, then take out the pine, and lay it on a dish; mix with the sugar, the juice of a couple of lemons, and pour it over the pine.