Pare your pine-apples, and cut them in thick slices taking out the core. Weigh the slices and to each pound allow a pound of 1oaf-sugar. Dissolve the sugar in a very small quantity of water, stir it, and set it over the fire in a preserving-kettle. Boil it ten minutes, skimming it veil. Then put in it the pine-apple slices, and boil them till they are clear and soft, but not till they break. About half an hour (or perhaps less time; will suffice. Let them cool in a large dish or pan, before you put them into your jars, which you must do carefully, lest they break. Pour the sirup over them, Tie them up with brandy paper.

Another Way Of Preserving Pine-Apples

Having pared your pine-apples, slice them and take out the core from the middle of each slice, leaving a round hole. To each pound of pine-apple allow a pound of loaf-sugar. Mix half the sugar with the pine-apple, and let them lie in it all night, or for several hours, to extract the juice. Then mix them with the remaining half of the sugar, and put the whole into a preserving-kettle. Boil it till they are clear and tender, but not till the slices break. Skim it well. Set it away to cool, and then put it into large glass-jars tied up with brandy-paper.