Pulled Chicken (1)

Half roast a chicken or fowl, skin and pull off in small flakes all the white meat and the meat of the legs, break the bones, and boil them in a little water till the strength be drawn out, strain it, and when it becomes cold skim and put it into a sauce pan with a little mace, white pepper, and salt; add a bit of butter mixed with flour, and rather more than a quarter of a pint of cream, then put in the meat, and a little mushroom powder; before serving, add the squeeze of a lemon.

Pulled Chicken (2)

Pick all the white meat from the bones of a cold roasted fowl, cut off the legs, and keep the back and sidesmen in one. Score, and season the legs and back with pepper and salt, and broil them; warm up the white meat in some sauce made of the bones boiled in a little water, and which has been strained and thickened with a piece of butter, mixed with flour, a little milk, and the yolk of an egg beaten up and seasoned with white pepper and salt; serve the broiled back upon the mince, and the legs at each end.