Raised Crust (1)

Melt, in one pint of water, one pound of fresh lard; weigh four pounds of flour, put it into a basin, and when the water and lard is hut, with a horn spoon stir it by degrees amongst the Hour. When well mixed, work it with the hands till it is a stiff paste, when it is fit for use.

Raised Crust (2)

Put into a saucepan one pint and a half of water, four pounds of flour, and four ounces and a half of butter; stir it till it is a thick paste, take it out, and add the yolks of three or four beaten eggs; work it well together, roll it out rather more than half an inch thick; cut out the top and bottom, and a long piece of proper depth for the sides. Brush round the bottom with well-beaten whites of eggs; set on the sides, keeping the paste rather within the edge of the bottom; pinch it all round, to make the pieces adhere, then fill the pie, and brush round the upper sides of the crust and the outer edges of the cover with egg; lay on the cover, pinch it round neatly, and ornament it according to fancy with leaves, festoons, or chains of rings made of the paste.