Three pints of flour, sifted.

Two tea-spoonfuls of salt.

Four table-spoonfuls of the best brewer's yeast, or six of home-made yeast. A pint of hike-warm water. Half a pint more of warm water, and a little more flour to mix in before the kneading.

Mix the salt with the flour, and make a deep hole in the middle. Stir the warm water into the yeast, and pour it into the hole in the flour. Stir it with a spoon just enough to make a thin batter, and sprinkle some flour over the top. Cover the pan, and set it in a warm place for several hours.

When it is light, add half a pint more of luke-warm water; and make it, with a little more flour, into a dough. Knead it very well for ten minutes. Then divide it into small pieces, and knead each separately. Make them into round cakes or rolls. Cover them, and set them to rise about an hour and a half.

Bake them, and when done, let them remain in the oven, without the lid, for about ten minutes.

Rolls (1)

Dissolve two ounces of butter in one pint of new milk, and stir it into four pounds of flour, as also three table-spoonfuls of yeast, a tea-spoonful of salt, and the well-bealen whites of two eggs; cover the pan with a warmed towel, and set it before the fire to rise for half an hour, then work it one way for fifteen minutes; form it into rolls, place them upon tins, and let them rise for ten minutes before putting them into the oven.

Rolls (2)

Warm an ounce of butter in half a pint of milk, then add a spoonful and a half of yeast of small beer, and a little salt. Put two pounds of flour into a pan, and put in the above. Set it to rise for an hour; knead it well; make it into seven rolls, and bake them in a quick oven.

Brentford Rolls

Mix with two pounds of flour a little salt, two ounces of sifted sugar, four ounces of butter, and two eggs beaten with two spoonfuls of yeast, and about a pint of milk; knead the dough well, and set it to rise before the fire. 3Iake twelve rolls, butter tin plates, and set them before the fire again to rise. When of a proper size, bake them for half an hour.

Rolls, Short, Hot

Dry before the fire a sufficient quantity of flour to make three penny-rolls, or larger if you like; add to it an egg well beaten, a little salt, two spoonfuls of yeast, and a little warm milk; make it into a light dough, let it stand by the fire all night. Bake the rolls in a quick oven.