How To Stew Sorrel

Strip the leaves from the stalks, wash them well, scald them in boiling water in a silver saucepan, or in an earthern pipkin; strain and stew them in a little gravy till tender. Serve with hard-boiled eggs cut in quarters.

Sorrel, In Gravy

Mince, and put it into a saucepan, with butter, bacon, parsley, and scallions; add a glass of consomme; set it over a moderate fire, and when quite soft, put to it some fowl gravy, or veal blond. Make the sauce thick, and do not let it boil, cover the sorrel when served.

Sorrel Omelet

Pick, wash, and blanch some sorrel, cut it in pieces, and fry it lightly in a little butter, with shred parsley and scallions; then put the sorrel into a saucepan, with a little cream; season, and let it boil slowly; in the meantime make an omelet in the usual way, lay it on a dish, thicken the sorrel with the yolks of two eggs, pour it on the omelet, and serve it very hot.