Wipe, pare, quarter, core and thinly slice four apples. Put in saucepan with one tablespoon butter, three tablespoons powdered sugar, grated rind one-fourth lemon, and one-inch-piece stick cinnamon. Cook, stirring constantly, until reduced to a thick puree; then remove cinnamon. Add one-third the measure of apricot puree and season with one-half tablespoon Apricot Brandy, a few grains salt and more sugar if needed.

Wipe and pare three selected apples, cut in eighths, lengthwise, and remove cores. Make a syrup by boiling one cup sugar and one cup water ten minutes. Add one teaspoon vanilla and one-half the pieces of apple. Cook slowly until apples are soft and clear. Remove from syrup and coat each piece with some of the syrup. To remaining syrup add one-fourth cup boiling water and color red. Bring to the boiling point, add remaining apples and cook and coat. Fill pie pastry shell with first mixture and garnish top with alternate sections of prepared apples, working from outside towards centre.