Order fish dressed for broiling; wipe, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and place in a greased broiler. Broil flesh side until well seared, brush flesh side sparingly with olive oil or melted butter and continue broiling on flesh side until fish begins to brown, again brush over with butter or oil and continue broiling on flesh side until well browned. Turn and broil skin side until fish is done. Remove to heated platter, pour over Cucumber Hollandaise (see p. 157) and garnish at one end of platter with ten thin slices of lemon (from which seeds have been removed) and ten thin slices of round radishes, alternating and overlapping them. In middle of garnish thus arranged, place a sprig of parsley.

Broiled Pompano, Cucumber Hollandaise.

Broiled Pompano, Cucumber Hollandaise.-Page 88.