Orange Honey Sandwiches

Spread thin slices of buttered white bread with orange honey. Put together in pairs, remove crusts and cut in fancy shapes. For the orange honey boil one cup sugar with one-fourth cup, each, water and orange juice, until syrup will spin a thread when dropped from tip of spoon. Add one-half cup finely chopped orange peel (from which all white portion has been removed) and one-half teaspoon vanilla. Again bring to the boiling point and cool.

Commonwealth Marmalade Sandwiches

Remove end slice from a loaf of bread. Spread end of loaf evenly with butter which has been creamed. Cut off a thin slice and repeat until the number of slices required are prepared.

Spread with orange marmalade, put together in pairs and press together. Remove crusts and cut in halves crosswise. Put in a pan and bake in a moderate oven until delicately browned on both sides, turning once during the browning.