WITH the advancement of the art of cookery, it has become impossible to compress within the limits of a single volume the wealth of material which is at hand. It is now seventeen years since The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book was first published. Since that time it has been frequently revised and a large number of new recipes added, first in the form of an appendix and addenda, later incorporated in logical order throughout the volume. But the results of the labors and experiments of the last seven years have, I believe, justified the publication of an entirely new work. It will be understood that this new work is in no sense a substitute for my earlier one, but rather a sequel. It is, let me repeat, a comprehensive survey of the progress of the last few years and contains recipes economical and simple as well as expensive and elaborate, covering the whole range of cookery.

My earnest hope is that the book will fulfil a real and vital need. I cannot send it forth without an expression of sincere appreciation for the kindly aid of enthusiastic pupils and devoted teachers.

F. M. F.

Boston, September, 1912.