Having cleaned and prepared a fine calf's head, put it into a soup-pot with an ample quantity of water, (sprinkling in a very little salt,) and boil it gently during four hours; skimming it well. Half an hour before you take out the head, prepare a large half-pint of mushrooms, peeling them and removing the stems; put them into a sauce-pan with three large table-spoonfuls of tomato catchup; two large table-spoonfuls of the best fresh butter, (each table-spoonful rolled in flour,) and three glasses of madeira. Also, half a pound of nice sausage-meat, divided into equal portions, and made up into balls. Mix these ingredients, and stew them all together for ten minutes; keeping the sauce-pan closely covered, and shaking it about to prevent their sticking to the bottom and burning.

After the soup has boiled four hours, take out the head, cut off all the best pieces of the meat, (including the tongue,) and cut them into mouthfuls. Make no use of the brains in this soup, but throw them away. Strain the soup; return it to the pot; and add to it the stewed mushrooms,sausage-balls, catchup, butter, and wine, that have been stewing in the sauce-pan. Also, the meat that has been cut off from the bone. Then give it a short boil of ten minutes or more. Add, at the last, a lemon sliced thin, with the seeds removed.

This soup will be found "first-rate," if the receipt is exactly followed.