Any person unacquainted with either of these languages, can, with the aid of these works, be enabled to read, write and speak the language of either, without the aid of a teacher, or any oral instruction whatever, provided they pay strict attention to the instructions laid down in each book, and that nothing shall be passed over, without a thorough investigation of the subject it involves: by doing which, they will be able to speak, read or write either language, at their will and pleasure.

Spanish Without a Master. In Four Easy Lessons.

French Without a Master. In Six Easy Lessors.

Italian Without a Master. In Five Easy Lessons. German Without a Master. In Six Easy Lessons. Latin Without a Master. In Six Easy Lessons.

Price of either of the above Works, separate, 25 cents - or the whole five may be had for One Dollar. They can be sent by mail to any part of the United States for about four cents each.