How To Take Spermaceti Out Of A Hearth Or Floor

First scrape off the drops of spermaceti with a knife. Then take a live coal in the tongs and hold it carefully and closely over the place. Afterwards wipe it with a rag, and then wash it with hot soap-suds.

How To Remove Grease From A Stove Hearth

When oil or any other grease has been dropped on a stove hearth, immediately cover the place with very hot ashes. Afterwhile, clear away the ashes; and if the grease has not quite disappeared, repeat the process.

How To Extract Oil From The Floor Or Hearth

Mix together two heaped t?ble-spoonfuls of powdered fuller's earth; one large table-spoonful of potash or pearlash; and one large table-spoonful of soft soap. Add sufficient boiling water to make it into a thick paste. Spread it hot on the oil spot, with a broad flat stick; let it remain an hour or two. Then brush it off, and renew the application. When the grease has disappeared, scrub the place with soap and water.

This mixture is equally good for boards, stone, or marble.