String the beans, (which should be full grown but not old,) and cut them into three pieces - not more. Pack them in wide-mouthed stone-jars; a layer of beans and a thin layer of fine salt. The day before they are to be cooked, take out a sufficient quantity-, and soak them at least twenty-four hours in a pan of cold water, changing the water several times, till it no longer tastes salt. Having drained them well, boil the beans till quite tender. Then take them up, drain off the water thoroughly, so as to have the beans as dry as possible. Next put them into a sauce-pan, with a piece of fresh butter and a little black pepper. Cover the pan, and stew them in the butter till they almost come to a boil.

Green peas may be kept in a similar manner. They should be fresh and young. When you take them out of the salt, soak them, as above, for twenty-four hours or more; changing the water till it tastes quite fresh. Boil them soft; then drain them, and stew them a while with butter and pepper.

You may, while boiling, add a very little soda to the peas or beans. This will green and soften them. Too much soda will give them a disagreeable taste, and render them unfit to eat.