Sweet-Corn Soup

Take a knuckle of veal, break the bones, score the meat deeply, and put it into a soup-pot. Allow rather less than a quart of water to each pound of veal; and add a hock of cold ham. Season it with pepper; the ham will make it quite salt enough; (never salt any thing that has ham in it;) and let them boil till the meat drops from the bone in rags. Then take it all out, and having strained the liquid, return it to the soup-pot. Have a sufficiency of well-boiled sweet-corn. Cut the grains from the cob. Add to the soup, two quarts of milk, enriched with a large lump of fresh butter rolled in flour. Throw in, gradually, enough of corn to thicken the soup well; and boil it half an hour. A set of calves-feet, boiled with the knuckle and ham, will greatly improve this soup, which will be found excellent.

Squatter's Corn-Soup

Take plenty of freth-hilledy fat, juicy venison; cut the meat off the bones, and put it (with the bones) into a large pot. Season it with salt and pepper, and pour on sufficient water to make a good rich soup. Boil it slowly, till the meat is in rags, and all the flavour extracted into the soup; remembering to skim it well. Have ready some ears of well-boiled green corn. Cut the grains off the cob into a dish. Remove from the soup-pot all the shreds of meat, and bits of bone, leaving only the liquid. Then throw the corn-grains into the soup, stir it about, and boil it a quarter of an hour longer. It will be found very good for other persons than squatters.

For want of venison, this corn-soup may be made with hares, rabbits, squirrels, wild-pigeons, wild-ducks, etc. In this case, make the soup with milk instead of water, (if milk is plenty,) and put in at the first, a bone of ham.