Farina is a very fine and delicate preparation made from the inner part of the grain of new wheat. It is exceedingly nutritious, and excellent, either for invalids or for persons in health. It is now much in use, and is to be had in packages of a pound or half a pound at the best grocers' and druggists', or in large quantities at No. 101 South Front Street, Philadelphia; and 201 Cherry Street, New York. It is highly recommended by physicians.

Farina Gruel

Have some water boiling on the fire, and slowly sprinkle in sufficient farina to thicken it to the desired consistence. Continue the boiling twenty minutes afterwards. Sweeten it with loaf-sugar.

Farina Panada

Soak the farina for several hours in milk. Then drain it, and put it into a vessel that has a close lid. Set this vessel in a kettle of water, raising it on a trivet or something similar. Place it over the fire; and make it boil all round the outside of the inner vessel. This will cook the farina very nicely. Keep it boiling till it becomes a thick, smooth mass. When done, sweeten it with white sugar; and, if permitted, you may flavour it with a little nutmeg and white wine. Some fresh lemon peel may be boiled with it, to be removed when the farina is taken up.

Baked Farina Pudding

Boil a quart of milk, gradually stirring into it, while boiling, a quarter of a pound of farina. Then take it up; and, while warm, mix into it a quarter of a pound of sugar; half a nutmeg grated; and a wine-glass of rose-water, or of white wine, or half a glass of brandy. Then beat four eggs very light, and stir them gradually into the farina mixture. Bake it in a buttered, deep dish, and grate sugar over it when done.