A quart of yellow Indian meal. - Half a pint or more of boiling water. - Half a pint of wheat flour. - Three large table-spoonfuls of strong fresh yeast. - A heaping salt-spoon of salt. - A level tea-spoonful of pearlash, soda, or sal-eratus, dissolved in warm water. - Lard for frying. Sift the Indian meal into a pan, and add the salt. Then pour on the boiling water, and stir it well. When it has cooled a little, and become only milk-warm, stir in the wheat flour, and add the yeast. Stir it long and hard. Cover the pan, and set it near the fire. When the mixture has risen quite light, and is covered with bubbles, add the dissolved pearlash to puff it still more. Have ready a hot frying-pan over the fire; grease it with a little lard, and put in a portion of the mixture, sufficient for one large cake nearly the size of the pan, or two small ones. Spread the mixture thin, and fry it brown. Send the cakes hot to table, and eat them with butter or molasses.

This is one of the plainest sorts of Indian cake, but if properly made, and baked, will be found very good.