Orange Ice-Cream

To each quart of cream, allow two fine ripe oranges, and three-quarters of a pound of loaf-sugar. Rub the yellow rinds of the oranges upon a large lump of sugar, and scraping it off as you proceed, transfer it to a saucer. Then powder the lump of sugar, and put it, with the rest, all of which must be powdered. Squeeze the juice of the oranges among the sugar, mixing it well in. Then stir it gradually into the cream. Give it one boil up, and then transfer it to the freezer.

Lemon Ice-Cream

May be made as in the above receipt. It will require more sugar, as lemons are more acid than oranges.

Never use oil of lemon or essence of lemon for any flavouring. This article is now too generally made of tartaric acid, vitriol, or other drugs that render it unpalatable and unwholesome. Some of it tastes like peppermint. All lemon-flavouring should be obtained from the fruit only.