A jug or bottle of molasses frequently causes inconvenience by working over at the top, after coming from the grocer's, and being set in a room or closet that is warmer than the place from which it was brought. To prevent this - as soon as you receive it, pour out a portion into another vessel; for instance, into a pitcher or bowl. Then set the jug of molasses into a deep pan or basin, and leave it uncorked till next day. By that time, all danger from fermentation will have subsided. Then cork it tightly, and set it away. Keep always under the bottom of the jug an old plate, or a double piece of thick paper to receive any drippings that may run down the sides. Never bring molasses to table without a plate or saucer under the vessel that contains it. West India molasses is far more wholesome and nourishing than any other, and is decidedly the best for gingerbread, molasses-candy, indian-puddings,etc. Sugar-house molasses, if used for those articles, will render them hard and tough.