A quart of sifted Indian meal. - A pint of sifted wheat flour. - A very small tea-spoonful of salt. - Three pints of milk. - Four eggs. Sift the Indian and wheat meal into a pan, and add the salt. Mix them well. Beat the whites and the yolks of the eggs separately in two pans. The yolks must be beaten till very thick and smooth; the whites to a stiff froth that will stand alone of itself. Then stir the yolks gradually, (a little at a time,) into the milk. Add by degrees the meal. Lastly, stir in the beaten white of egg, and give the whole a long and hard stirring. Butter a sufficient number of cups, or small, deep tins - nearly fill them with the batter. Set them immediately into a hot oven, and bake them fast. Turn them out of the cups. Send them warm to table, pull them open, and eat them with butter.

They will puff up finely if, at the last, you stir in a level tea-spoonful of soda, melted in a little warm water.