A quart of Indian meal. - Two large table-spoonfuls of wheat flour. - A heaped salt-spoon of salt. - A piece of fresh butter, about two ounces. - Four eggs. - A pint, or more, of milk. Sift the Indian meal into a large pan; mix with it the wheat flour; and add the salt. "Warm the milk in a small saucepan, but do not let it come to a boil. When it begins to simmer, take it off, and put the butter into it, stirring it about till well mixed. Then stir in the meal, a little at a time, and let it cool while you arc beating the eggs. As soon as they are beaten very light, add them gradually to the mixture, stirring the whole very hard. It must be a light batter, and may require more milk.

Having heated the griddle well by placing it over the fire or in the oven of a hot stove, rub it over with some fresh butter, tied in a clean white rag, and pour on a large ladle-full of the batter. When the cake has baked brown, turn it, with a cake-turner, and bake the other side. Then take it off, and put it on a hot plate. Grease the griddle again, and put on another cake; and so on till you have three or four ready to send to table for a beginning. Continue to bake, and send in hot cakes as long as they are wanted. Eat them with butter; to which you may add molasses or honey.