The Illustrated Tower of London. By William Harrison Ainsworth With 100 splendid engravings. It is beyond all doubt one of the most interesting works ever published in the known world, and can be read and re-read with pleasure and satisfaction by every body. We advise all persons to get it and read it, for there is much to learn and valuable information to be gained from its pages, which cannot be obtained in any other work published in the known world. Two volumes, octavo. Price for the complete work, One Dollar; or handsomely bound, for $1 50.

Pictorial Life and Adventures of Jack Sheppard, the most noted burglar, robber, and jail breaker, that ever lived. By William Harrison Ainsworth. Embellished with Thirty-nine, full page, spirited Illustrations. Designed and engraved in the finest style of art, by George Cruikshank, Esq., of London. Price 50 cts.

Pictorial Life and Adventures of Guy Fawkes, The Chief of the Gunpowder Treason. By William Harrison Ainsworth. The Bloody Tower, etc. Illustrated. 200 pages. Price Fifty cents.

The Pictorial Old St. Paul's. By William Harrison Ainsworth. Full of Illustrations. Price Fifty cents.

Mysteries of the Court of Queen Anne. By William Harrison Ainsworth. 142 pages. Price 25 cents.

Illustrated Life of Dick Turpln, the Highwayman, Burglar, Murderer, etc. Price 25 cents.

Life of Harry Thomas, the Western Burglar and Murderer. Full of Engravings. Price 25 cents.

Illustrated Life and Adventures of the Desperadoes of the New World. Price 25 cents.

Life and Adventures of Ninon De L'Enclos, with her Letters on Love, Courtship and Marriage. Price 25 cents.

The Pictorial Newgate Calendar; or the Chronicles of Crime. Beautifully illustrated with Fifteen Engravings. 252 pages. Price Fifty cents.