Crab Salad

Shred crab meat. For a cup of meat mix a few grains each of salt and pepper with 3 tablespoons olive oil. Add 1 tablespoon vinegar gradually and mix thoroughly. Mix this dressing through crab and let stand till very cold. Dispose on beds of lettuce leaves and sprinkle with 1 or 2 tablespoons chopped olives or capers. Mayonnaise may be added to garnish or sauce tartar. With the latter, omit the olives or capers. - Mrs. Cornell.

Cucumber And Asparagus Salad

Pare and dice 2 medium sized cucumbers and place in ice water seasoned with saltspoon of salt. When ready to use, drain and dry cucumbers. Drain and cut in small pieces a can of asparagus. Half an hour before serving mix 2 vegetables lightly together, adding as you do so 1 teaspoon onion juice and 1 tablespoon minced cress and French dressing to moisten well. Arrange in mound on heart of lettuce, garnish with chopped hard boiled eggs and pimolas.

Cucumber Baskets For Salads

Cut about 1/4 off the cucumbers lengthwise, half way to form 1/2 inch wide handles. Scoop out and fill with most any salad mixture. Serve on lettuce leaves. Very appetizing. - Mrs. H. B. A.


Salad - Lay 6 bananas on ice till chilled. Peel, slice thinly in glass bowl and scatter over Maraschino cherries. Make a syrup of 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 cup granulated sugar and 1 tablespoon sherry. Pour over the fruit. Set on ice and serve very cold.

Stuffed Cucumbers

Cut 3 cucumbers in half lengthwise. Scoop out the good portion and drop into a basin of salt water. Put boat shaped halves into cold water. Cut into cubes 2 or 3 cold boiled potatoes and into fine bits pimientoes to taste (about 1/2 a one). Drain cucumbers and mix with potatoes and pimientoes; add mayonnaise and season. Pile into half cucumbers and place on lettuce halves. - Mrs. H. P. S.

Cucumber Jelly

Peel 3 large cucumbers, cut in slices. Boil in 1 cup cold water until soft; force through a sieve; add 3 tablespoons granulated gelatine dissolved in 1 cup of cold water, 4 drops onion juice, few grains cayenne, 1 tablespoon vinegar and salt to taste. Color with vegetable green and strain. - Mrs. Cornell.

Eggs A La Mahon Salad

Scoop out tomatoes for a shell. Boil eggs 1 minute. Put 1/2 egg in each tomato shell; then add mayonnaise dressing. Put boiled peas through a sieve and make a good paste by adding a little cream or melted butter and put this over the mayonnaise. Serve on lettuce leaves. - Mrs. B.

Egg Lily Salad

Boil 1 egg in cold water for each lily, about 10 minutes; then drop in cold water, remove shell and while warm cut with silver knife in strips from small end nearly to base. Very carefully lay back the petals on a few leaves of bleached lettuce. Remove yolks and rub them with a spoonful of butter, one of vinegar, a little mustard, salt and paprika; form cone shaped balls and place on petals, sprinkling tiny bits of parsley over balls; 2 or 3 stuffed olives carry out the idea of buds. Serve on cut glass dishes to carry out water effect. With care this is not hard to make and its beauty repays all trouble it has cost.