Name of a fruit largely contained of water; the watermelon and the different varieties of canteloupe; the latter being used generally as a breakfast appetizer, and the former as a dinner dessert; preserved watermelon rind makes a fine preserve for the summer tea.

Melon Preserve

Cut the watermelon rind into small pieces, place 20 lbs. into a tub, sprinkle it well with a pint of salt, just cover it with cold water and allow it to marinade for five hours, then drain, and again cover it with cold water and soak for two hours, changing the water three times, then drain, put on the fire in a preserving pan, cover with boiling water, bring to boiling point, then drain again; make a syrup of ten pounds of sugar and six quarts of boiling water, boil and skim, then add the melon rind, and slowly simmer till tender; skim out the rind, place it on draining sieves for two hours in a warm place to set; when hardened place into cold crocks; boil up the syrup again with the sliced peel and juice of eight lemons and two ounces of sliced ginger, boil ten minutes, then strain over the fruit in the crocks.