Coffee has no food value except when milk and sugar are used. Tannin is also present in coffee, but in less quantity than in tea, and is not extracted so readily as from the more delicate tea leaves. When roasting, the beans throw off moisture and develop flavor. Coffee also possesses a mildly stimulating effect, due to caffeine and the essential oil. To make good coffee requires a pure brand of coffee and a perfectly clean coffee pot, free from discolorations.

To Make Coffee In A Coffee Pot

Allow 1 tablespoon of medium ground coffee for each cup of boiling water. Heat the pot, add coffee, then pour over the boiling water; set over the fire, bring to the boiling point, and remove from the fire. Let stand in a warm place for 5 minutes. Add 1/4 cup of cold water to make the coffee clear. When made by this method, coffee contains a minimum amount of caffeine and tannin.

Percolator Coffee

The old fashioned coffee pot has been replaced by the more modern percolator. For this method of coffee making, the beans should be ground very fine. Allow 1 tablespoonful of the finely ground coffee for each cupful of water used. Set over the fire and let percolate about 5 minutes, according to the strength desired. Hot or cold water may be used.

Filtered Coffee

This method of making coffee is preferred by many persons. It requires a special pot, and full directions for making are furnished with each pot. The essentials are a heated pot and boiling water.