Siberian Crab Apple Wine

(Very Fine).

Prepare the crab apple cider in the same manner as in the preceding receipt, and after the mustard seed has been in the cider four or six weeks it is ready to bottle. Ten gallons of cider will fill fifty wine bottles. Put the corks to soak in warm water. Clean the bottles inside with shot and warm water and have a ball of thick twine ready. Then put one large raisin into each bottle and fill with cider. Pound in the corks with a wooden mallet, tie them in with twine and lay the bottles on their side in a cool place.


Three large lemons, five tablespoonfuls of white sugar, three pints of ice water. Wash and wipe the lemons, then peel off the yellow part of the rind very thin (that contains the oil) and put it into a porcelain pitcher. Then peel off the white part (which is always bitter) and cut the lemon in two in the middle; put them into the lemon squeezer and. squeeze the juice into the pitcher. Then take out the seeds and put the squeezed lemon into the pitcher. Now put in the sugar and beat the whole together a minute or two. then add the water and stir it until the sugar is dissolved. It is then ready to use.

Lemon Punch

Half a pint of lemon syrup and half a pint of sherry wine put into one quart of ice water. It makes a refreshing summer drink.

Raspberry Shrub

Three pints of ice water, half a pint of raspberry syrup, one gill of brandy, one large lemon. Peel the lemon and squeeze the juice into a porcelain pitcher, then put in the water and raspberry syrup. Then add the brandy and stir it well together. It makes a pleasant summer drink.

Lemon Syrup

Wash and wipe the lemons, then grate the yellow rind very thin off of one half of the lemons, then peel off the white part and throw it away, it is always bitter. Then peel the other half of the lemons and cut them all in two in the middle and put them into the lemon squeezer and squeeze out all the juice, then take out all the seeds and throw the squeezed lemon into a bowl of hot water, a good deal of the acid remains in the lemon after it is squeezed. When the lemons are all squeezed measure the juice in a pint and mark it down on paper, then strain the lemon and water through a Wire sieve and measure one pint of the water to each pint of the lemon juice and mark it down beside the juice, keep the water separate and weigh the sugar. To each pint of the water and juice allow one pound and a quarter of white granulated sugar. Put the sugar and grated lemon peel into a porcelain kettle and mix it together, then put in the water and boil it five minutes, then add the lemon juice, take it off the fire and strain through a linen cloth. Bottle it, and when it is cold cork tight and seal. Half a pint of lemon syrup to one quart of ice water makes a delightful drink in warm weather. Three tablespoonfuls of lemon syrup is the right quantity for a goblet of ice water. One tablespoonful of lemon syrup is enough for one lemonade glass of ice water.

Milk Punch

Five lemons, six ounces of white granulated sugar, one pint of rich sweet milk, one pint of water, one grated nutmeg, one pint of rum or brandy and the juice of the lemon. Grate the yellow skin off the lemons and mix it with the sugar, put the milk, water, grated lemon and sugar into a saucepan and let it come to a boil, then take it off the lire and put in the nutmeg, rum and lemon juice; strain the whole through a jelly cloth and serve when cold.

Mulled Wine

One pint of sherry wine, one pint of water, six ounces of white granulated sugar, four fresh eggs, beaten separately, two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon or nutmeg, according to taste. Put the wine, water, cinnamon and sugar into a saucepan and set it on the side of the range where it will, get warm, but not hot. Beat the whites with three teaspoonfuls of white sugar to a stiff foam, then beat the yolks and stir them into the whites, then stir them into the wine and set it over a quick fire and stir it fast until it begins to rise (it must not boil) then take it quickly off the fire and pour it into a pitcher. Put it into glasses and serve it warm.

Roman Punch

Four lemons, half a pound of white granulated sugar, two quarts of boiling water, half a pint of Jamaica rum. After the lemons have been washed and wiped, peel off the yellow skin very thin and put it into the vessel the punch is to be made in, then peel off the white skin, which is bitter, and throw it away; then cut the lemons in two and squeeze the juice into the vessel, then take out the seeds and put the squeezed lemon in with the juice, then put in the sugar and rub the sugar and lemons together a few minutes, then pour in the boiling water and let it stand until it is cold, then place a fine sieve over the punch bowl and pour it through, then add the rum and slice two lemons into the punch bowl.

Raspberry Vinegar

Put four quarts of ripe red raspberries into a porcelain preserving kettle and mash them with a wooden beetle, then boil them five minutes and take them off the fire. Then stir into them one quart of strong cider vinegar, then strain through a linen cloth and measure. To one pint of the juice allow three quarters of a pound of white granulated sugar, set it over the fire, and when it begins to boil skim it well and boil it ten minutes. When cold bottle, cork tight and seal, when it is to be used put two tablespoonfuls of the raspberry vinegar into a goblet two thirds full of ice water.