Two pints of unsifted flour; three heaping tea-spoonfuls of baking powder sifted in the flour; one and a half ounces of butter rubbed into the flour; one and a half ounces of lard rubbed into the flour; one teaspoonful of salt, two-thirds of a pint of cold sweet milk. Mix quick, roll out half an inch thick; cut with a cake cutter and bake twenty minutes. If the oven is a little hotter in the bottom than it is on top, the biscuits will be lighter, and when done they should be a light brown.


One heaped quart of sifted flour; four teaspoonfuls of baking powder; three gills of rich sweet milk; four ounces of fresh butter, or two ounces of butter and two of lard, and one teaspoonful of salt. Mix the flour and baking powder together; put the milk, butter and salt over the fire, and as soon as the butter is melted stir the whole into the flour. The milk must not be scalding hot, only warm enough to melt the butter. Make it into a soft dough as quick as possible. Roll it out half an inch thick. Cut it with a small cake cutter and bake in a quick oven fifteen or twenty minutes.