One pint of sweet cream, eight ounces of white granulated sugar, six fresh eggs beaten separately, half an ounce of gelatine, three teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract. Before commencing the charlotte russe get everything ready. First cut the gelatine up tine with a pair of scissors and put it into a small saucepan with one gill of cold sweet milk, then set it into another pan containing boiling water and it will be dissolved in fifteen minutes; let it remain in the warm water until you are ready to use it. Double a large sheet of writing paper, place a porcelain mold on it and mark it close around the bottom with a lead pencil, then cut it a straw's breadth inside the pencil mark and it will fit the inside of the mold; place it in the bottom, butter the paper and place a weight in the middle to keep it in place. Cut the sponge cake half an inch thick, dip the crust edges into the beaten white of an egg and place them close together around the mold. Now prepare the charlotte in the following manner: First take out one table-spoonful of the sugar to beat with the whites, then put the cream and the rest of the sugar into a porcelain saucepan and set it into another containing boiling water, beat the yolks well and stir them in, stir it until they thicken, but it must not boil, then take it off the fire and stir in the gelatine and vanilla, then set the saucepan into a pan half full of broken ice and water and stir it constantly until it is lukewarm, then beat the whites with the table-spoonful of sugar to a stiff foam and stir them in, stir it well together, then put it into the mold and set it on ice. When ready to serve place a china or glass dish over it and turn it upside down and remove the paper.