Coffee Pot

My coffee pot has a close fitting cover and a cap attached to a chain to shut up the spout to prevent the aroma from escaping. Inside is a narrow hoop pierced with holes, to which I attach a bag made of double white crinoline which reaches to within a quarter of an inch of the bottom, into which the coffee is put.

How To Make Coffee

Half a pint of browned coffee beans before they are ground; three pints of boiling water. After the coffee is ground put it into the bag and pour the boiling water on it; then set the coffee pot on the range where it will keep hot (but not boil) for half an hour.

The Best Coffee

To ascertain which was the best coffee, I made three different kinds and then invited three connoisseurs to pass judgment on them. The three kinds were the following: first, three parts Java, one part Mocha; second, three parts Java, one part Golden Rio; third, Santos. Now the connoisseurs all decided that Santos was the best.