Chocolate, (Bakers)

Three ounces of chocolate; half a pint of cold water; half a pint of boiling water; one quart of rich sweet milk boiling hot; three ounces of white granulated sugar. Scrape the chocolate up fine and put it into a saucepan with the half pint of cold water and set it into a pan of boiling water over the fire when it will be dissolved in ten minutes; then stir in the boiling water, milk and sugar; stir it constantly and boil it five minutes.

Cocoa, (Bakers)

Three tablespoonfuls of cocoa; one pint of cold water; one pint of hot rich sweet milk; three ta-blespoonfuls of white granulated sugar. Put the cocoa and cold water into a saucepan over the fire, and when it is dissolved and hot. add the hot milk and sugar and boil it fifteen minutes.


Can be made with water alone and is very good. Put three tablespoonfuls of cocoa into a saucepan with one pint of cold water and set it over the fire until it is dissolved; then add one pint of boiling water and boil it fifteen minutes. Serve it at table with cream or rich milk and sugar according to taste.


When tea is drawn in a teapot the aroma escapes through the spout and half of the strength is lost by not having a uniform heat. Tea should be drawn in a close covered vessel that is used for no other purpose. Allow three teaspoonfuls of tea to one pint of boiling water, set it on the side of the fire for half an hour where it will keep hot without boiling, then put the tea strainer into the teapot and pour in the tea. Send it to table with a water pot of boiling water.

Mock Cream

Put one pint of rich sweet milk into a porcelain saucepan and set it into a pan of boiling water over the fire, beat the white of one fresh egg with one teaspoonful of white granulated sugar to a stiff foam, then beat the yolk and stir the white into it and stir it quickly into the hot milk, (it must not boil) and take it off the fire. Beat it together a minute and then pour it into a cream pitcher. It is a good substitute for cream and gives the coffee a fine taste.