How To Remove White Spots From Furniture And Restore Its Lustre

Alcohol, ten and a half ounces; linseed oil, seven ounces; gum benzoine, one ounce; gum shellac, one ounce; oxalic acid, half an ounce, white rosin, one ounce. Dissolve all the gums and acids in alcohol and let it stand twenty-four hours, then add the linseed oil and mix it well together. After the furniture has been washed with soap and water and dried with a clean cloth, then apply the varnish with a piece of white canton flannel. It will remove all the white spots from furniture and restore it to its original lustre.

Varnish For Furniture

Four ounces of alcohol, two ounces of gum shellac, one ounce of yellow beeswax, one ounce of boiled linseed oil. Put the alcohol and gum shellac into a large wide mouthed bottle and let it stand twelve hours, then melt the beeswax and all together. Shake it up well and it is ready to use.


The following is the receipt for the preparation used in whitewashing the White House: Take a half bushel of unslaked lime and slake it with boiling water, covering it during the process. Strain it and add a peck of salt dissolved in warm water and three pounds of ground rice boiled to a thin paste and put in boiling hot half a pound of Spanish whiting and a pound of clear glue dissolved in hot water, mix and let it stand for several days, then keep it in a kettle and apply it as hot as possible with a paint or whitewash brush.

Whitening For Ceilings

Fourteen pounds of Paris whitening and half a pound of transparent glue. Put the glue into cold water at night and the next morning heat it over the fire until it is all dissolved; stir hot water into the Paris whitening until it is as thick as cream, then stir in the glue. If the ceiling has been whitened with lime then it must be wet and all scraped off, If it has been done with whiting wash it off with a sponge.

An Efficient Disinfectant

Nitrate of lead, one half teaspoonful; salt two tablespoonfuls. Dissolve the lead in a quart of hot water and let cool. Dissolve the salt in two buckets of cold water; mix the two solutions. Directions - Sprinkle the carpet, or room, with it, or wring out cloths in it and hang up in the room. Pour down closets and sinks.

How To Clear A Sink Pipe

How often the waste pipe of a sink is filled up with grease and the plumber has to be sent for to open it. Now, to avoid this expense and keep everything sweet and clean about the sink, take a can of concentrated lye, open it, set it into a pan under the hot water faucet in the sink and let the water run slowly on it until half of it is dissolved and gone through the waste pipe. If this is systematically done once a week, say every Saturday, it will save a plumber's bill.

How To Clean Water Closet Basins

One pound and three quarters of oxalic acid dissolved in two quarts of hot water. Apply it with a small stiff broom with a short handle to it. If the basin has not been cleaned for a long time it will take hard rubbing. After rubbing it with the oxalic acid dip the broom into coarse sand, and scrub it well; then let the water on. After the sand has been washed down apply the oxalic acid again and then take a cake of Sapolio and go over it again. If this is done twice a year you will always have clean water closets.