How To Destroy Bed Bugs

Put four ounces of corrosive sublimate into a bottle with one pint of whiskey, cork the bottle tight and put a label on it marked poison, and let it stand twenty-four hours, before using it; then shake it up and apply it with a goose quill or a small paint brush, going into all cracks and crevices. It is certain death to bed bugs, but it must be carefully used, for it is a dangerous poison. When not used the goose quill or brush should be tied to the neck of the bottle and both put in a safe place.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Take the powdered borax and put it between and around all the water pipes, and in the cracks and corners of the closets and drawers. This is an effectual way to rid the house of these trouble-some insects.

How To Destroy Rats And Mice

Take two ounces of arsenic and mix it with one quarter of a pound of lard, (it must be mixed well together,) then take a five cent loaf of bread and cut it in slices not quite half an inch thick, and spread on the lard generously, so that every part of the bread is covered; then cut it into pieces an inch and a half square and put the larded sides together like sandwiches, then put it into the rat holes and close them up. It must be carefully done and carefully disposed of, for arsenic is a dangerous thing to handle.

Butter Kept Sweet

Half an ounce of white granulated sugar; one pound of fresh butter. The butter must be fresh and have all the milk washed out of it and be salted; then mix in the sugar evenly and pack the butter into stone crocks, then make a brine strong enough to bear an egg, strain it and put it two inches deep over the butter, cover the crock close and when the butter is to be used cut it out without removing the brine.

How To Keep Eggs Fresh

To two gallons of water add one pint of salt, one pint of air-slaked lime and two tablespoonfuls of tartaric acid. Let it stand twelve hours, stirring it occasionally before putting in the eggs, then cover the eggs with a lid and keep the eggs well below the liquid.

Rancid Oil Restored

If hair oil or any other oil has become rancid, it can be restored in the following manner: Take half a teaspoonful of soda and dissolve it in four tablespoonfuls of cold water, and stir it into one ounce of rancid oil. Put it into a large vial, and shake it together for five minutes. Then pour it into a vessel that contains one quart of cold water. Stir it together, then let it stand until the oil rises to the top of the water when it can be easily removed.

Rancid Butter Restored

Rancid butter can be restored by putting one teaspoonful of cooking soda into one pint of clear, cold, soft water, and working the butter in it until every particle comes in contact with the soda water. Then pour the water off and work the butter in clear, cold water three times. Two teaspoonfuls of salt is enough for one pound of butter.