Greean Peas

Take one quart of shelled young green peas and, after they are picked and washed in cold water, put them into a colander to drain, then put them into a stew pan with one pint of cold water and let them boil thirty minutes, then put in one table-spoonful of chopped green parsley leaves, one tablespoonful of white granulated sugar and two teapoonfuls of salt, then mix two tablespoonfuls of fresh butter with two teaspoonfuls of flour and stir it in with the peas and let them simmer slowly thirty minutes longer. They must be almost dry when they are done. The best peas are those which have flat pods,

Green Peas And Young Carrots

To one pint of shelled peas one pint of cut carrots; they are prepared in the same manner as in the preceding receipt. The carrots are scraped and cut lengthwise, the size of the prong of a dinner fork, and then cut off an inch long, wash them, drain them and put them into the stew pan at the same time the peas are put in, and cook them the same length of time.