Take one peck of young kale, strip the leaves from the stalks and put them into cold water for half an hour, then pick it, wash it in two waters and put it into a saucepan with cold water enough to cover it, and let it boil two hours and a half. Then take it out into a colander to drain, then put it into a wooden bowl and chop it up fine. Now mix one tablespoonful of fresh butter and one of fresh lard with two teaspoonfuls of flour and put it into a large deep skillet and let it boil one minute, then put in the kale with two teaspoonfuls of salt and let it simmer slowly thirty minutes longer.

Kale With Breakfast Bacon

After a peck of kale has been in cold water half an hour then picked over and washed in two waters, put it into a large saucepan with cold water enough to cover it, and cook it two and a half hours. When it has cooked one hour, take one pound and a half of breakfast bacon, wash it in warm water, trim off the outside edges that are not fresh cut and cut the skin through half an inch wide, then put it down in the middle of the kale and cook it one hour and a half longer.