Take one pound of white castile soap, cut it up fine and put it with one quart of soft water into a stone pan to stand over night; then put it in an iron pot and boil it until it is very smooth; then set it off the fire, and whilst it is hot put in half a pint of alcohol; stir it and pour it into a larger vessel, and add five quarts of hot water; then put in half a pint of alcohol and one quart of spirits of turpentine; it must be used warm. Have the irons hot and the ironing table ready before you begin to wash. Wash it as quick as possible and wring it tight. Spread it on the ironing table underside up, and iron it while it is wet. Iron only a small part at a time, but iron it perfectly dry; don't let the iron come on the upper side of the shawl. If you want to crease it as it was when new, fold it, spread a cambric handkerchief on the fold and iron on it. Let it hang on the clothes-horse an hour or so before you put it away. If there is a great deal of white in the shawl, put in a small quantity of indigo water before the shawl is put in the wash.