In a city where coal is used for fuel, a velvet cloak will become soiled and rusty looking in one winter's wearing. Now to clean velvets and make it look new it must be done in the following manner: In the first place you must have half a dozen old fine linen pocket handkerchiefs that have no starch in them; gentlemen's handkerchiefs are the best for this purpose. Then half a gallon of the spirits of turpentine that is fresh from the drug store. Place a pine table or skirt board near a window where you have the light on your left hand. Spread the cloak on the table and stick pins through it into the table to keep it in its place; then tear one of the handkerchiefs into four pieces and put one of them into the turpentine and squeeze it out, then rub the velvet with it a small part at a time, rub it gently both ways; then take a clean handkerchief and rub it lightly until the turpentine is all out, as the cloths become soiled change them for clean ones. After the cloak is cleaned, hang it in the open air until the odor of the turpentine is gone; then brush it with a clean soft clothes brush, and you will have a new cloak. It is best to clean velvet two or three weeks before you want to use it.