Olive soap, one pound; soda, one quarter pound; borax, two ounces; alum, two ounces; alcohol, eight ounces. Cut the soap up fine and put it into an iron pot with one gallon of cold water, and let it stand over night. In the morning set it over a slow fire and put in all the other articles; stir it until all are dissolved, then boil it five minutes. Pour it into a tub' and add four gallons of cold soft water; it is then ready to use. After the carpets have been shaken and tacked down the wash is applied with a hair scrubbing brush that has a handle on the back and a strip of india rubber inserted in one side of the brush. Have two buckets, one containing the wash and the other clear water and a large sponge. Scrub the carpet gently with the brush, then with the rubber draw the dirty water towards you and take it up with the sponge then squeeze the sponge out of the clear water and go quickly over the carpet and then dry it with a clean cloth. This quantity will clean forty yards of velvet or brusseis carpeting, and if it is done right it will look as bright as when it was new.