Before I commence house cleaning I buy a web of low priced yellow muslin and tear it off in yard lengths and hem it on the sewing machine, then have it boiled and rinsed, and it is ready to use for wiping cloths. Just before the fires are put out and whilst it is raining I light two newspapers and push them up each chimney; this burns them out clean. It must be done whilst there is a little fire in the grate to create a draught. When the chimneys are done burning and the fires are out in the grate take some coarse linen or tow cloth and make bags of it and fill them with paper and cork the chimneys up tight; this keeps everything nice and clean during the summer. Now take up the carpet, and the right way to do it is to fold it, according to the breadths until you come to the middle, then fold the other side until you come to the middle then fold the ends until you come to the middle, then put one end on top of the other and tie a string around it. The carpet is now ready to have the dust taken out of it. If you have pictures on the walls put them on the beds, glass side down, then cover up the beds and have the ceiling whitened, then take the covers off the beds, shake them and then have the floor scrubbed up. If the walls are painted, clean them. Take a piece of a woolen blanket and fold it the size that you can hold comfortably in your hand, wet it in warm water, soap it and rub the wall as far as you can reach. Then take a sponge with clean water and go over it, then dry it with a clean cloth. Now clean the pictures with a sponge dipped in soapy water and squeezed out, and then with a sponge in clear water, then dried with a clean cloth and hung on the walls. Now clean the window frames, windows and doors. Then spread a large counterpane on the floor and put the beds and bedclothes on it and wash the bedsteads with soap and water and dry them oft', then apply the corrosive sublimate with a small brush or goose quill to all the cracks and crevices and you will never be troubled with bed bugs. Now make up the bed and take all the clothes out of the wardrobes and dressing bureaus and lay them on it. Then clean the furniture, inside and out with soap and water, and when it is dry enough put the clothes back again. Now if there is a sofa in the room take it out and beat the dust out of it. And if it is covered with haircloth take a sponge and clean it with soap and water. Now wash off the rest of the furniture in the same manner and you are ready to put down the carpet.