Lawn Dress Washed Without Fading

Wash the dress quickly in two and a half gallons of tepid water with half a pint of cider vinegar in it; rinse it in two and a half gallons of tepid water with half a pint of salt in it, then rinse it again in tepid blue water and dry it in the shade.

How To Wash A Maroon Woolen Table Cover, Embroidered In Silk

Make a strong suds with Ivory Soap and hot water. Let the soap lay in the hot water until it is soft. The soap must not be rubbed on the table cover. After it is washed clean, rinse it in two waters that are warm. When it is half dry, iron it on the under side until it is dry.

White Dresses And Lawns With A White Ground

Can be kept white in the following manner: Have the starch all washed out of them, and into the last rinsing water put one-third more indigo bluing than you have formerly done. This will keep the dresses white as snow until they are used again.

How To Prevent Hands From Chapping

Take a two-ounce bottle and fill it half full of glycerine, then fill up with cold water to within half an inch of the top and shake it well, then rill up with water.

Just before going to bed wash your hands clean in soap and water, then rinse them and dry them; now shake up the bottle and pour not quite a teaspoonful into your left hand and rub it over both hands. Rub them for two or three minutes and the glycerine will all disappear, leaving, the hands smooth and soft.

How To Prevent Hair From Turning Gray And Falling Out

Take a half pint bottle and put into it one-fifth glycerine and fill up with bay rum. Shake it well together and cork it tight; pour a little of it into a small vessel and apply it with a hair brush until you can feel it on the the scalp.

I have used it for several years, and it has prevented my hair from turning gray and falling out.

There must not be more than one-fifth glycerine.

Ink Spots Iron Rust, Stains And Mildew

Can be removed from white cotton and linen goods with lemon juice. The goods must be dry when the lemon juice is applied; then rub the juice into the spots with the fingers and lay the goods in the sun. As soon as they are dry wet them again rub-bing.the juice in until the spots disappear.

How To Keep White Goods From Turning Yellow

Table linen, muslin, linen for beds and underclothes when laid away for any length of time will become yellow. Now to prevent this: the last time they are washed before putting them away, put a little more indigo bluing into the last rinsing of water than you have formerly done. This will keep the clothes white as snow until they are used again.

Fruit Stains On The Hands

Can be removed by rubbing the hands with strong cider vinegar before the hands have been washed in soap and water.

How To Raise The Pile On Velvet

Hold the velvet side over the steam of a tea-kettle. It must not be held long enough over the steam to become wet; then shake it.

How To Take The Wrinkles Out Of Velvet

Take a hot smoothing iron and turn it upside down and place it so it will stand firm; then take the velvet and put the under side on the iron and move it back and forth until the wrinkles are out.