Black Satin And Silk

That is soiled and has grease spots on it can be cleaned with spirits of turpentine; to look bright and new. Apply the turpentine with a soft linen cloth, rubbing gently all the parts that are soiled and greased, then hang it in the open air until the the odor is gone.

Flour Paste

Mix one pint of flour with one pint of cold water. Pour the water in slowly and work it with the back of the spoon until it is perfectly smooth. Then stir it into a pint of boiling water over the fire and keep stirring it until it begins to boil, then take it off the fire and it is ready to use.

This is the paste that is used for putting on wall paper.


Fill your mucilage glass not quite full with gum arabic, then fill up with cold water and it will dissolve in a few hours when it will be ready to use.

Glove Paste

Take one pound of old white castile soap and cut it up fine, then put it into an iron pot with one pint of clear soft water, and boil it fifteen minutes or until it is perfectly smooth, stir it all the time it is boiling to keep it from sticking. Then pour it into a wooden bowl and stir it with a wooden spoon until it cools five minutes; then put in one table-spoonful of alcohol and beat it well together, then add three tablespoonfuls of cold water and beat it together until it is a stiff fine paste. Put it into gallipots, and if it becomes too dry for use moisten it with a few drops of water, beat it up and it will be just as good as when first made. This paste will clean the most delicate colored gloves to look just like new.

How To Clean Kid Gloves

Stretch the fingers of the glove on a wooden pin that is made for that purpose, and apply the paste with a white woolen cloth. Turn the cloth over the end of the forefinger of her tight hand, and take a small quantity of the paste on it at a time. Rub it on gently, and take a clean part of the cloth every time that you apply the paste.

Lisle Gloves Cleaned And Colored

Lisle gloves always fade in washing. After the gloves have been washed, clean with soap and water, rinse them in two waters and wring them out tight. Then take half a pint of strong black coffee (if you want a dark shade of cream color) and put the wet gloves into it and wring them out quick. Then put them wet onto your hands and dry them. If you want them a light cream color, dilute the coffee with water. Remember the gloves must be wet when they are put into the coffee, and they must be dried on your hands.

Gray Gloves

Gray gloves, the color can be restored by putting one tablespoonful of ink into half a pint of water, or two tablespoonfuls of strong indigo water.

Renewing Black Lace

Take two bowls and put half a pint of whisky into each one. Then take two teaspoonfuls of dissolved gum arabic and stir it into two table-spoonfuls of cold water. Then stir it into the last bowl of whisky that you are going to use. Now put the lace into the first bowl and squeeze it gently two or three minutes. Then put it all into the second bowl at one time, otherwise one part would be stiff and the other not. If you have a large quantity of lace, you must double the quantities.